Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Blog Description

    Violet Sky is part one of a series of science fiction/adventure novellas. I posted chapters as I wrote them so there will be mistakes. I would greatly appreciate any comments good or bad about the story itself.

    Follow the adventures of Dia Thorpe as she travels across universes discovering the mysteries of her past with her android companion, Kant. The story takes Dia through incredible fantasy worlds as she seeks out the reason for her apparent strange power and how or why she was released from captivity on Earth. Was it simply a sick game played by a maker of universes?

    Or was it something much more terrible?

    I have since published this novella on Kindle and on other eBook sellers' sites. If you are enjoying the story, head over to Amazon's Kindle store, or to purchase the full version for 77p (on Kindle store in the UK, other seller prices may vary). There are 3 extra chapters on top of the ones you can read for free here in my blog and another, prologue-style chapter at the end.

Link to Violet Sky on Amazon UK
Link to Violet Sky on Smashwords

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